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Well, a while back I got my camera back from Brent Oliver after he did a full spectrum mod on it. In typical fashion, there wasn't a clear sky to be had from the day I got it back all the way through the new moon to test it out. On the 19th I did some work from the back yard. The images I got of M42/M43 and M81/M82 were by no means very good, but at least the camera is getting good red color now. Here's to hoping January weather turns out decent. 


The JMO got some new additions thanks to Black Friday. The first addition was a new Seagate 2TB NAS, which allows me some greater flexibility. The old NAS will take it's rightful place as my backup and streaming server at home, while the new NAS will be mobile with me. In addition, the new NAS has a USB port on it, allowing me to use my NAS as the primary disk while imaging and processing, using the USB port to back up the NAS. Pretty slick. At $99.99, it was too good of a bargain to pass up.

The second addition was a D-Link wireless N-300 router for the field. Although it's a relatively trivial task to do a point to point wireless connection to my iPad, for the money spent ($44.00), it was much easier just to buy the router. This also gives me an option as a spare if my time capsule ever breaks at home.

Lastly, I got a new wireless mouse. At $4.99, it was a no brainer of a pickup.

While I did score on the above deals, I didn't score on one of the things I really wanted which was a bunch of 32GB SD Cards, which CompUSA had the class 10 cards on one of the hourly promos at $9.99. I made the mistake of complacency...got there too early, went next door to scope out some of the sales, came back, and the line was snaked throughout the store. Oh well.


Today, my Canon 60D will arrive back to me after a full spectrum mod by Brent Oliver at DSLR Hypercams and Mods - full report as I start gathering some photons...if the clouds decide they will ever cooperate.
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